TTanz Hotel of Kuala Lumpur

"Real! Honest! & Friendly!" “真实!诚实! & 友善!“


Check all the available room types and room rates. Our rooms are designed with comfort, convenience and privacy in mind. Standard Suites comprise of a comfortable sleeping room and a functional bath room, in a bright and modern style. Junior Suites is a stylish combination of tradition and creative decorations. 我们的房间的设计都有考虑到个人的舒适,方便和隐私。标准套房包括一个舒适的睡眠室和功能浴房,明亮而现代的风格。小型套房是传统与创意装饰的时尚组合。


The Sky Lounge promises an exclusive setting with the Kuala Lumpur skyline as a backdrop. The Lounge houses a mini library, cozy sitting area, a boardroom and most prominently, a spacious balcony boasting a dramatic view of the Kuala Lumpur city’s skyline. Covered Sky Lounge designed with modern and creative style. All people enjoy the music of our band and taste our wine here. 我们的空中酒廊(SKY BAR)拥有吉隆坡的天际线的独家设置为背景。休息室设有一个小型图书馆,舒适的休息区,会议室,最突出的是,一个宽敞的阳台,可欣赏到吉隆坡城市天际线的一个戏剧性的看法。覆盖的空中酒廊设计与现代创意的风格。所有的人都喜欢我们乐队的音乐,在这里品尝我们的葡萄酒。


The perfect spa give you a calm and peaceful space dedicated to personal restoration. Allow us to indulge you with an array of treatments made to pamper you from head to toe but also to give you distinctive results. Escape to your sanctuary in the city, allow yourself to relax, rejuvenate your senses and recharge your mind. 完美的水疗中心为您提供专用于个人恢复平静与和平的空间。让我们尽情享受你与向从头到脚呵护你,但也给你独特的治疗结果的数组。逃避你的圣所中的城市,让自己放松,振兴你的感官和补给你的头脑。

Experiencing KL

TTanz Hotel is in close proximity to international shopping malls. Strategically located in Kuala Lumpur city, near to KLCC, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Time Square, Pavillion, PWTC etc. Nearest LRT station is just 750 meters away. Not only shopping malls, you can find ample restaurants, local food stalls and basically have access from local food stalls to fine dining around the neighborhood. 燕华大酒店坐落于吉隆坡市中心,靠近太子世界贸易中心及多所国际购物商场,如:双塔楼城中城购物广场,武吉免登购物商区,成功时代广场,柏威年购物中心等等。最靠近的单轨火车站仅250米之遥,而轻快铁站也仅距离750米。除了购物商场,您还可找到多家餐厅和熟食摊档,基本上道地的地方小吃和美味佳肴就近在咫尺。